License Agreement for SUNTAN WORKOUT Software for Mobile Devices

The so-called Licensing Agreement is called Suntan Workout.

Please use the software and use the system properly, please look through the terms of the licensed agreement. Any use of the Program implies full and complete discretionary enforcement of the applicable licensing agreement.

If you do not accept the terms of the licensee agreement in the Full Form, you are not authorized to use the Program at any of your personal data.

  1. License

1.1. The sole Licensing Agreement (the “License”) is made by You, the User (“User”) and the “EMAXO” Limited Liability Company, the exclusive right of the “Suntan Workout” Program, acknowledged by the Program.

1.2. License is used by the User License Program for Mobile Phone, Communicator, Computer, as well as any other device, in the volume of which is Mobile (further – Устройство), to which the Software can work.

1.3. By copying the Software and installing it on your Device, the User submits its own complete and concise agreement with all the terms of the License.

1.4. Use of the Software is only permitted for Licensees. If the User does not accept the License Agreement in the Full Form, the User does not have the right to use the Software at any time. Use of the Software is not permitted (unexpected) from any licensing license.

1.5. Use of Software for Licensing Licensing is free of charge for the users of the information received through the Internet site plaintiff ( and through a mobile device.

  1. The Right to Program

2.1. Exceptions to the right to use the Software are plaudible.

  1. Software User License

3.1. The right to use the Software is intended for unauthorized use by the Program by the following software:

3.1.1 Apply the Program to the functional assignment, in which you can execute the copy and the installation on the Device User. The software is installed on a non-digit number of Devices.

3.1.2. The program should be used with the firm naming: “Suntan Workout”. The user does not have the firmware to modify the software, modify it and / or destroy the author’s right Privilege.

4.1. The basic terms of the application are Russian and English – it is recommended that the materials and comments be given in the actual language.

4.2. In applications, categories are categorically prohibited: mat, punitive, obscenity, harassment, obscenity or offense by the community or any other person. For any reason, the user can take advantage of it, but can also be temporarily disabled or temporarily disabled by moderators or moderators.

4.3. Комментарии и записи не подвергаются модерации перед публикацией.

4.4. Publication of materials and comments made by the advertisement character, not related to the site, spam, or even unsubstantiated topics.

4.5. The user agrees to mark any content that is allegedly infringing upon the content of “18+”: information, propagandistic drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pestilences, frostbite, life imprisonment, and even the severity of loss and severity of breeds. Otherwise, the marking will populate noncensorship information and pornography.

4.6. The User may link to other sites (such as third parties) as well as photographs, illustrations, graphic images, music, sound, video, information and other Content, Content, or Content from third parties (Content right). Suntan Workout does not have a lot of information, so please check back later. Ответственность за нарушение прав на публикуйте материал лажит на Пользователе, который конечно контент.

  1. Limitations

5.1. Except for use of this License, or the right to use this License, or the license of the Licensee or the Republic of Kazakhstan, as the case may be, the User does not have the right to enforce and / or solicit the Software in the following acts: перевод; modification, maintenance, and use of the Software, whether directly or indirectly from the Licensee.

5.2. The User does not have the right to reproduce and distribute Software to commercial entities (in the case of software products in the volume not included in the Privatization Agreement).

5.3. You can not decrypt, decompile, disassemble, decrypt, and produce the same functionality as the Program Code, which implements the use of unauthorized algorithms for realizing and using information from the Program